Problems with slider in tablet mode, Articulate 360

I'm trying to convert an online training module developed in SL2 to 360. One slide has a slider on it that works well with a mouse but isn't working very well on a tablet when drawing the thumb along manually. Can you suggest ways to improve how this works? Also, when displayed on the LMS I'm using, the player doesn't fit well on the screen. Suggestions about how to improve that, too?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Margaret!

Sorry to hear that you ran into difficulty with this, but thank you for sharing your file so that I could take a look.

I published your file in the same format it was sent in, which looks to be Articulate Online.

I then viewed on an iPad, and it seems to be working as expected.

Do you see the same issue when viewing my published output here?

  • If so, could you describe what you mean by 'isn't working very well'? 
  • If not, is that how you intended to publish or do you need me to take a look at something else?

Just let me know. I look forward to helping you out here.

Margaret Morse


Thanks for trying it out. I put in a ticket, and the person who responded said that he didn't have trouble with it, and a friend of mine tried it on her i-Phone, and it worked. The problem is probably with the touch function on my computer screen, whether for the published version or in preview. Also, because the slider runs horizontally, and "swipe" works the same way, my friend had some problems with the conflict between the two gestures and suggested I make the thumb larger so it's easier to catch. I'll try that. Some of my issue is that while I have a tablet, I don't have a smart phone, so testing is a little difficult. I'm just glad it's working and I don't have to remake it in some other way.