Problems with Text Box Font Sizes and Alignment

Nov 14, 2013

Hi all,

I'm creating a simulation with Storyline in which I have users enter prescribed values in an Excel spreadsheet. The text boxes in which they type the input have differing font sizes and alignments. I want them all to be 13 points and aligned to the bottom of the text box. Two questions about that:

1) How do I set that so that in applies to all of my slides? (I assume in a master slide, but I need guidance).

2) When I change them to the size and alignment I want individually, they change back to their previous settings when I save the project.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Benjamin,

Regarding number 1

Typically you can right-click on a text box, and from the shortcut menu choose Set as Default text box (after making your desired changes).

I tested this just now with your specs, since I've done it with size and font, but not aligning to bottom. Size worked, as it has done in the past; aligning to bottom did not. Sounds like this may be something to alert Articulate about with a feature request, but I'll wait and see what others say.

Regarding number 2

I'm not sure why that's happening to you. When I save and re-open, text boxes remain as I set them. Again, perhaps someone else can address this.

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