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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter,

There have been reports of this happening for other Storyline users, so hopefully we'll be able to figure out what's causing this and resolve it for you quickly.

First, please make sure that you're viewing your course at 100% Zoom. If your zoom is set anywhere below or above 100% you may see some odd behavior with texts and font sizes. 

Please be sure that your system is using 96 DPI. For information on how to check this, or adjust it, please see the following article:

Articulate > Product Support > Storyline DPI support

If you've checked all of the above information and your text sizes still aren't displaying properly, can you please confirm that you're using the latest update for Storyline? You can find this information by clicking on "Help" and "About Articulate Storyline". If you're not using version 2 (1212.1412), please download and install Update 2 from the link below:

Articulate > Storyline Update 2

Let me know it goes!