Problems with the media interaction in Storyline 2

Oct 19, 2015

Hi everyone,

Can you help me understand why, when I use the media interaction, the small pictures all flash when I hover and click on them, and they don't move to the next layer that the picture represents unless I click profusely, and sometimes double-click? It's very glitchy. I haven't really seen a way to compress the pics, but they are just thumbnails and not large. I have built the layers correctly and am only using four--I deleted the other layers since I don't need as many as the interaction has built--but I changed nothing else. Has anyone encountered this and would you have any suggestions? This interaction is a really good one for me...if it would work.



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Glenn Drysdale

Hi Ashley, and thanks for the reply. This was strictly built in SL2 with the Media interaction, not at all done in Engage, though I've found when importing a Studio Pro 13 course into SL2 that the Engage pieces really don't play nicely and seem to take a while to load within my SL course.

As my content is proprietary, it is not cool for me to share a whole file here. Perhaps I could send a few slides including this one? It is really just the simple Media interaction built directly in SL2. All of the small photos/thumbnails, when I hover and click on them, start almost blinking irrationally--strange to say, I know--and are barely clickable; they will take me to the next layer, but not easily or predictably.

Thanks. Let me know if you want the partial file or if there is any general advice about things to try on my end. I have not used this particular interaction before but really want to.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glenn, 

So it was the media interaction template created for Storyline? There are a few out there (based off of how the original interaction looks and was built in Engage) so I'm not sure which one you've used...but did you add additional triggers associated with the hover state? That can account for odd blinking and such as the hover state will function as described here based on having the state added to an object/button. 

If you're not able to share the actual copy here you could mock up a one slide sample by stripping out the proprietary content or such. You're also welcome to share the content with me privately here as that will not be accessible to the whole forums. 

Glenn Drysdale

Hi again, Ashley...

This is an interaction option right in Storyline 2: insert/new slide/templates/media interaction. BUT...the entire project WAS imported from Studio, even though this is a new slide I rebuilt because the old Engage interaction did not work correctly.

I did not add any additional triggers.

Thanks. I will share this with you shortly via your link.


Glenn Drysdale

Much appreciated!

Glenn Drysdale

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