Problems with the Next button (SL360)

In the second of his gamification webinars, Tom Kuhlmann demonstrated how to personalize the gamification environment by allowing the user to input his name and choose an avatar.

The user is presented with a slide containing 2 avatars and a text input field. He has to type his name in the text field and select an avatar before he can move on to the next slide. The “Next” button remains disabled until a name and an avatar have been selected.

There are 2 problems with this slide and I wish someone could help me figure them out, because I would like to use this technique in my course.

First problem

The “Next” button becomes available only when I make my choices in this order: first typing my name, and then selecting an avatar. If I reverse the order (select the avatar first and then type my name), the “Next” button remains disabled until I click the other avatar.

Second problem

After typing my name and selecting an avatar, the “Next” button becomes available. However, if I delete my name from the text field, the “Next” button remains available. I can then move on to the next slide without having chosen a name. Is there a way to prevent this?

I have included Tom’s example file.

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Walt Hamilton

the “Next” button remains disabled until I click the other avatar.

Like Phil said, the text entry isn't accepted until the enter box loses focus, and actually you can cause it to lose focus by clicking anywhere, not just the avatar.

Solution: Hide the avatars and show the name entry with instructions and something to click to advance. That fills the name entry, and if you use Phil's suggestion, if something is clicked and the text entry is full, you can show the avatars. Then they can see and select the avatar.


Wendy Farmer


my only concern would be is it intuitive for the learner to 'click outside'? You give the instruction to select the avatar and type their name but while the Next button is in a greyed out state they might be a little confused.  That's why I would make the Next button disabled state similar to the Normal state so it looks like its clickable 

Just my 2 cents worth - all the best with your project.

Walt Hamilton

But I'm still puzzled as to why my method doesn't work, ie why the enter box does not lose focus when I click elsewhere on the slide

It did, you just didn't notice it because it was setting a variable that nothing else in the project referenced.


Change this trigger to Set name instead of TextEntry1, and you'll see it