Problems with the size of the gifs (purple outline)

My slide measures 902x507 px, I have put a gif of 1200x1800 px (and I resized it, "I cut" to 273x428 px) and I can still see a small purple border in the preview.


How big should my gif be? I tried "cut a little" but in some gifs I need to cut it halfway (to a character, only to show his face and part of the torso) so that solution does not work at all

Gif made in after effects and exported to photoshop to save it in gif format without background (without halo)

Articulate storyline 3

size original: 1200x1800 px (and I resized it, "I cut" to 273x428 px)

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Ben McKinstry

Hi Miguel,

Just passing through, I think it's best to create the gif for the size you need, don't make it to large as you are forcing transparent parts to cover half a pixel (this forces your computer to render a colour on the other half) though this is usually a pink colour.


Try exporting the gif at the resolution you need so it sits in your slide as its 100% relative value.