Problems with the triggers in storyline.

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Hi Guys,


I have a problem with the triggers in storyline.

I created a quiz freeform drag and drop. In it I have 4 elements to match




In the incorrect feedback layer I have created 4 crosses and 4 check for incorrect and correct matches respectively.


I want the crosses and check to appear on top of the correct or incorrect matches.

In the incorrect feedback layer I have created the following trigger

Change the state of


To state



Timeline starts


Incorrect (this is the name of the incorrect feedback layer)

On condition

(Now on condition I have selected




Oval A (for example)


= = Equal to

Drop incorrect



Basically I am trying to use the drag and drop result information to trigger a change of state in the incorrect feedback layer and its not working. It doesn’t do anything at all


Any help or suggestion will be really appreciated.




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Jerson  Campos

I think i figured it out. I'll post a working copy of it as soon as I get done testing it to make sure it works. I don't know if there was a problem with Storyline not being able to change states on different layers, but I had to add a variable to affect the state change.  Is this time sensitive?

Jerson  Campos

I did a quick screenr to show you how I got it to work. Turns out that you cannot change the state of an object on a hidden layer. You'll have to use variable or another method which I showed in the screenr. Also to prevent the red "X"s from popping up and then changing to the correct state you can use a fade in animation.

Some changes I made to your file. I deleted some of the extra shapes and just use the X and checkmarks on the same object but different states. For me this makes it less confusing. You can still use different shapes is you like.