Problems with trigger maintaining its state when I return to a branching screen with hotspots

I am using Storyline 2. I created a checkmark (it's normal state is hidden.) I created a trigger so that when the learner clicks a hotspot, the checkmark returns to it's normal state. However, when the hotspot (also a link to another screen) takes the learner to the screen and they return to the branching screen, the checkmark does not appear.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

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Walt Hamilton

You might try setting the menu screen to maintain saved state when revisiting, but I have found that states generally can get lost when branching to other slides is involved,

I use custom states and variables. I set the slide to restart on revisit, and when the timeline starts use the variable to set the buttons to the correct state. States forget, variables never do.

Here's a navigation example that illustrates how I do it.