Problems with Updater and Filesize

Hi Heroes, please help me!

I have Storyline files from the year 2014. The client wants the courses running on IPAD up from now. I tried to use the Updater, but it doesn't work. So I started each file in the new Articulate version - update - the file size is the same as in the year 2014.  ( 340.500 KB)

After publishing (to LMS) I receive a course with the size of 119 MB !!!! (in 2014 the file size was 48 MB) 

You can tell me why??????

Thanks for your help!



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Karin!

Storyline 2 was released in September 2014, so it's a little hard to know (1) if your project was created in Storyline 1 or Storyline 2, and (2) if you are currently using Storyline 1 or Storyline 2.

If you are opening up a Storyline 1 project, upgrading it to Storyline 2, and publishing from Storyline 2, this could be the root cause of the significant difference in output size, as we've changed a whole lot in Storyline 2.  Even if your file was created in the original build of Storyline 2 and published today using Storyline 2 Update 10, you'll see the fruits of a ton of bug fixes and a possibly larger output as a result.

If you're not sure about which version your project was created in and which version you are using now, this prompt is a good indicator:

Prompt to Upgrade Project File

If you received that prompt when you opened the .story project file from 2014, that's likely the root cause of your size increase.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Karin Amann

Thanks Justin, I understand that all. The course was made with Storyline 1, the prompt is coming up, when I start the file within Articulate 2.

My client wants to use the courses now also on the IPAD. If I use the Articulate-Updater, the published files will not be updated? This would help me and my client? 

Any further solution for me?



Justin Grenier

Hey again, Karin!

There are 2 ways to make older courses work properly on newer iPads:

  1. You can scan your published courses using the Articulate Updater (sometimes right on the web server where they are hosted) and allow the updater to automatically add compatibility with iOS 9.  This option will not significantly change the size of your published output, since the updater only makes tiny changes to gain that compatibility.
  2. You can make sure you're running the latest version of Storyline 2 and republish the course.  This will likely change the size of your published output, since we've added a lot of features and fixed a lot of bugs since 2014.

If you're having a specific problem with either of these options, we'd love to hear more about it.  Thanks!

Karin Amann

Thanks for your answer, I tried to use the Updater, but it doesn't work.

Can I please send you (tell me please how I can do this) a zip file, because

Updater can not find a file to update?



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