Problems with upgraded storyline courses.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems that I have when I upgrade a Storyline 1 file into Storyline 2.

I have noticed the new file has:

  • Changed some of my text and now it doesn't fit as neat as the original file
  • Animation times change to 4secs which now means they aren't in synch with narration
  • Slide interactions and timeline interactions will not work on upgrades, they only work on files created from scratch on SL2.

I now find myself having to work across both versions, otherwise it costs me a lot of checking time rechecking SL1 course that have been upgraded.

Anyone else having these problems? Anyone got any help tips.

I really like the new features within SL2, but it is causing me a few concerns.

Any help, greatly appreciated!!



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Trevor Young

Hi Ashley, thanks for getting back to me. The text issue isn't so bad, its more the change in animations and the fact slide interactions etc won't work on the upgraded version.

For refernce the original animations are set at very slow, when they upgrade they are set at 4.00.

Once upgraded if I add a slider interaction you can't seem to control the slider.

Whats the best way to send you the file?

Thanks for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor,

So the animation timings also did change a bit in Storyline 1 vs. Storyline 2, and I've seen a few users mention it in the forums, and there were some issues fixed in Storyline 2 update 2 in regards to animation easing. Do you know what update you're using? 

The slider element definitely sounds like something we'll need to see - so you can share your project file here in the forums  (or even a sample/mock up) or if you'd prefer to share privately you can upload here. 

Trevor Young

Hi Ashley, Just checked and I'm using update 2.

I have created a small sample of the course I'm working on including a mock slide interaction so you can see the problem I seem to have.

The slider will slide but your cursor ends up in the sidebar!!

Just to confirm this is only an issue with SL1 courses (that have been sent to me by an external provider), that I have upgraded to Storyline 2. I have no problems when I create a new course in Storyline 2 from scratch.

I have shared this file with you privately.

Hope this helps.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Trevor - I see your project file and will be taking a look. I'll reply via the case to share any updates there.

Just to confirm, since you mentioned an external provider, do you know if they're working locally on the project files? And then when you receive them do you open from your local drive? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor,

I just replied, but also wanted to follow up here that I've shared this with our QA team to review. It seems that the behavior only occurs in preview and publishing the file it works as expected.  Again, as you mention it seems to occur on upgraded files after adding the slider in, so I've shared that with our QA team as well. I'll be back in touch once I have additional information to share. 

Can you also share the original SL1 file using that link? 

Trevor Young

Hi Ashley, I have tried to upload the Storyline 1 file but keep getting an Error #2308.

I appreciate all the help you and the team have provided. Knowing that it works when published is re-assuring so maybe this is just a little glitch I need to work around.

I don't want to take  up your valuable time so I'm happy to close this for now.

Thanks again, Have a great week!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor, 

Could you try in a different browser to upload the file? I know our QA team would like to take a look at your original SL1 file to see if there is anything within that which indicates why adding a slider once upgraded to SL2 would cause an issue. I just sent you an email with a link to upload your file in case that allows you to work around the error message.