Problems with Variables


I have been working on a scene with some variables and no matter what I try I keep getting those action errors when i preview.

All I'm trying to achieve is to let the learner choose in which order they view 3 sections of content.

Select radio button 1 - view content A and B. If you haven't already viewed content C and D (radio button 2) or content E and F (radio button 3) you go back to select from the radio button options. If you have seen all the content, you go on to the next slide.

I've attached this scene... would anyone be able to have a look and see what I have done wrong... I'm really stumped as it looks ok to me..



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Jesse Spinella

So, you need 3 buttons, one for Section A&B, one for Section C&D and one for Section E&F.

Each button has a disabled state that becomes active after the user clicks.

You can create a Next button with an initial state of hidden, so when all three section buttons are clicked then changed to state Disabled, the next button appears and the user can move forward.

I've attached my file so you can dissect it.

Tanya Hocking

Thanks - that is simpler...and you've used multipel scenes which is different.

I actually wanted them to click the radio button then click next - which is why i am in difficulty programming the next button. I noticed on your slide B /D/F the next button just doesn't work and they have to use a button on the screen to go back. Its not as seamless as what I was trying to achieve.

I have put a trigger on the radio button to change the state of button 1 to visited when a variable A is true.

I have set a trigger on content A to adjust the variable A to true when the timeline starts on content A. (default variable is false).

On content B I have said Jump to (the selection screen) if the variable on content C OR E is false (they haven't clicked on the radio buttons to view that content), and i also have a trigger that says jump to the summary slide if those variables are true (they have seen that content).

The logic I have used makes sense to me - i must be missing something.

Steve Flowers

Hi, Tanya - 

I used 3 buttons and broke your branches into scenes. I also renamed a few of your variables to make things a bit easier to track. Only needed three.

The last slide in the scenes leverages an execution order trick. If the other two branches aren't visited, it goes back to the menu. Since this one executes if those conditions aren't set, the second trigger is never reached. If the conditions are set, it skips the first and hits the second.


Tanya Hocking

I like that - again, i was hoping they'd click the radio button then click the next button, but i seem to run into trouble telling the next button to do one thing if this and another thing if not.

I think i'll go with this solution - even though i still don't understand what i did wrong - at least there are multiple ways of doing things. i might need to re-read your second paragraph a couple of times to understand why your one works and mine didn't!.

Thanks so much