Problems with Variables and chinese characters in same field

Mar 21, 2014


Today I received an issue from one of my Team in China saying that they cannot Publish/Preview a project at all. It displays nothing ans stop at the maximum page (104/104 for example and the same result for Preview).

Sometimes we can see this message appearing in Preview mode:

It says: ERROR: Could not load the file "C:\Users\J8027971\AppData\Local\Temp\Articulate\Storyline\6JX0NipST\Preview\story_content\data.xml

Then my computer starts to use a lot of CPU( around 700 MB!!) and I have to close this.

It was very strange so I made my searches on this Community saying that the file is maybe corrupted so import once again in a new Storyline file. I got the same problem.

I therefore start to find out the root cause because it is Chinese (so not rally stable as I saw several times... I have already a support request for writing into Storyline with Chinese) and by making a lot of trials with the English version (Copy/paste my standard pages to the English version one by one to see what is the guilty slide!)

After 2 hours, I finally maybe find the cause (Root or not, I will wait the comment from the Articulate experts ):

Variables are not friendly next to chinese characters in the same text field :(

Indeed, I have 2 standard slides using variables within a text field with Chinese.

  • The Result slide

The Variable Results.PassPoints is next to a chinese character

  • The End of scene Slide

Here I use a countdown and display it in a text field to say that after 5 seconds (5 -> 4 -> 3...etc) it comes back to the Index Scene (managed by a trigger):

The Variable End Scene is next to Chinese characters also.

WHat I did?

I simply removed from my Blank Structure the variables from the Text Field. And... It works perfecty after!

I have enclosed in this discussion 2 files:

  • Blank structure with the issue
  • Blank structure without the variables

I am asking support from Articulate to see if they know the issue or if I need to create a request to solve this issue.

I just wanted to explain properly what I have observed for fixing reason from your side.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julien,

I did a bit of digging to find out if there was something specific with Chinese characters and variable references, and it seems to be something our team is aware of that when there are Chinese characters  in a text box with a variable reference it causing slow publishing. The workaround at this time is to place the variable reference in it's own textbox. 

I'll include this thread on the report for our QA team, but I don't have a timeframe to offer in regards to a fix so I would recommend implementing that workaround. 

Julien Martin-Schmitt

Hi Bingjie

Actually, my team said to me that now it works ONLY if the variable Font is Arial Unicode MS.

On my side, it does not work but for them yes...

I think they still have slow publishing/previewing but works maybe a bit better.

But I am sure if a Variable is located in a text field alone, there is no problem!

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