problems with Variables for visited layers

Dear All,

I have started building a course and I would like the student to go through three layers (in a random order thanks to having the choice of the same three pictures on each layer). I have three T/F variables and I want a chevron to appear once all the variables turn true. I have a chevron on each layer since I am not sure, which one will be the one the user ends up on. I have the variables working (i checked it via the reference) but the chevron is still not showing up. What am I missing?


Thank you for your feedback in advance!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Elena

Some of the triggers on the layers were not assigned so I updated them and it's now working how I think you want.

There may be an easier way to do it without having to duplicate all the logos on each layer  but I'm not sure what other elements are going on your layers.

Anyway - here is updated file -let me know how you go.

Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Thank you so much Wendy! I believe when we were trying our initial version with a different interraction, we didn't bother checking every trigger, when we overwrote the slide with its present content. Thank you so much for spotting this and helping us out! I think this calls for coffee :D