Problems with variables since last update

Jul 21, 2017

Since the last update I have not been able to get triggers that change the state of a button based on variable changes to work correctly with my timeline. Or get the use of variables to control my timeline consistantly

I have a slide with 3 sub-layers. I pause the timeline on the base layer so users can click and show 3 sub-layers. As each sub-layer button is clicked its assigned variable changes from False to True. I have a "continue button" on the base layer to resume the base layer timeline with conditions to check my 3 sub-layer values for "true" values.

This works perfectly in a "preview" but when I publish and view with Chrome or Safari the base layer "resumes" regardless of the 3 sub-layer variable values. I have tried moving triggers to sub-layers.

Take a look at my slide attached, I am frustrated and stumped my logic is good and my outcome is inconsistent when publishing.



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Mark Pinkston

OK I have read the tutorial on using states instead of variables to adjust other button states and changed the logic in my slide BUT still having the same problem.

I have three images/buttons the user must click and view layers before resuming main timeline with "continue" button. In preview it works fine but when I publish and run, the main timeline continues after closing first layer. I am not sure what is triggering the timeline to continue?

Really frustrated help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Mark! 

Your details and testing were perfect in helping me identify and see what you are experiencing. 

This is an issue that has been reported to our team specific to HTML5 output (which is why you did not see it in preview). I will add this thread as we are tracking user impact and this documentation explains how we handle these bugs.

We do not officially have a workaround listed, but I know a fellow community member shared a possible solution here that may be able to assist you.

Sorry that this is slowing you down and causing frustration.

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