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Lisa Anderson

Update on the zoom. It looks like there is a bug with the "very slow" speed on a zoom. I've tested the slide I uploaded and other much more simpler slides with no other animations, and the "very slow" speed causes SL3 to only zoom in half the image, then goes to the end zoom destination to zoom out, then zooms out half way.

Looks like an incident report is on its way, unless someone has a workaround or solution. 


Ren Gomez

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for providing those details.

Our team is investigating an issue where using the Very slow setting results in an incomplete zoom, and it sounds that you ran into that bug. So sorry it's affecting your file.

As soon as we have a fix for this bug in place, we'll let you know about it! For now, the best workaround is to use the Slow setting instead of Very slow.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kimberly,

We have the same issue reported in Storyline 360 as well, so we'll keep you posted here. 

As for the workaround you mentioned, could you set the Zoom to start .5 seconds into the slide to have it behave normally? Hopefully, that'll work for you as our team continues to investigate!