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I'm interested in creating a demo for my course (created in storyline) using storyline.  I really like this example:  But can't find any guidance on how it was created.  To my beginner eye, it just looks so different from the courses I've created.  How did they get rid of the menu altogether and the navigation at the bottom?  How did they create the gallery?  Any ideas? 



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Michael Hinze

This looks alike a demo with two slides. Slide 1 has some text, the laptop pic, some markers and a custom button to navigate to the Gallery. Slide 2 is the Gallery with six custom buttons for the thumbnails that when clicked (I'm guessing here) each show a layer with the larger version of the thumbnail pic. Something like this is quite easy to create.

For some information on how to customize your player to the point where it is completely chromeless, see here.

Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a quick tutorial that shows how I built the demo.

Michael was pretty close. The only difference is that I didn't use layers for the images. They're selected states. But layers would work and are probably a better long term solution because they're not tied to the smaller image's location on the screen.