Productivity of Storyline 360

Hello, i got a question about overall productivity of storyline 360. As i understand this program is not use all resources of my computer. For example when i making a preview of a course my processor working for a 25% only, but the app working with freezes( Free operative memory also totally unused.

Is it because that Articulate got only 32-bit version? Or it can not work with multiple cores in processor? So it is interesting when it have 64-bit version, and ability to use all the resources. I am working with a big courses, so they can publishing for a 2 mins, but system is working on a 25% only(    

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Brian Dennis

The resource management component is a mix of the programming language, host operating system process management architecture and several very advanced concepts. Switching to x64 would speed things up a tiny bit, but only marginally.

Best to run SL on the fastest machine available, with a reasonably large memory bank on a fast SSD drive. Articulate lists recommended system configurations somewhere on this site

Phil Mayor

I agree with Brian a 64bit app doesn't necessarily mean it will be faster and an optimised 32bit app is often faster than a 64bit app. That said the more resources you need for a large course would be better served by a 64bit app.

If you only produce small courses an SSD , faster processor and at least 4gb of RAM will serve you better.