Programming a game with multiple text entry fields

Hi there

We're currently working on a game for a client which requires the user to input the names of upto 30 different scientists. Its loosely based the online game Popcorn Garage (

You'll see from the attached Storyline file I've made a start with the design - but I'm a complete novice when it comes to programming text entry fields. 

Could someone walk me through how to program each indivudual text entry box with the relevant correct answer? E.g. the first 5 answers needed are:

1. Stephen Hawking
2. Thomas Edison
3. Neil deGrasse Tyson
4. Rosalind Franklin
5. Erwin Schrödinger

Any advice on the best way to approach this game within Storyline would be greatly appreciated - I'm very open to suggestions!

If someone could guide me through the process using the attached Storyline file then even better!

Many thanks,

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