Programming environment for Storyline 2.0

I am seeking advice about what the programming environment of Storyline 2. 

To my knowledge Storyline is based on HTML, CSS and Java.

I would like to know if there are any other programming languages used?
I would like to know what functions utilise Java in the Storyline software?

Also is a licensed user allowed to add new script into e-learning modules or the local installation files for purposes such as LDAP authentication and programming SCORM information to be output to a rest server/database. 

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Steve Flowers

Hey David - 

Java and Javascript are very different things. Javascript is the front end scripting language used on the web to add programmatic behaviors. It's fairly universally understood across browsers. 

Not all triggers use Javascript. A trigger is available specifically for adding your own JS. LDAP authentication could be a stretch, I'm not sure I'd use Storyline for that:) But if you have a method or library for LDAP authentication using Javascript, you can leverage that in SL just as you would in any web page. 

You *could* modify the LMS api files in a SCORM output to send to a REST endpoint. However, you don't need to do that if you're looking to send limited info to an endpoint. One thing I've done pretty frequently is add AJAX calls to send Storyline variable values to an endpoint. This has included scores. 

Steve Flowers

Hi David,

If you wanted to capture all of the SCORM data model elements, yes. However, I'd really caution against roll-your-own LMS that deviates from the spec but uses the protocol:) I remember the early years back in the late 90's and early 00's. That's why SCORM came about:) Easiest method to build interoperability between the endpoint and the content is to use a system that's built for the spec (xAPI or SCORM).

If you must hijack the client side SCORM API, publishing the SCORM output and looking at the API javascript files will provide clues as to the methods you want to customize.

Dave Engage

Hi Steve,

Is the practice of using JavaScript to output variable values to a PHP file for tracking purposes a reliable method?

I was thinking of using the execute JavaScript trigger in Storyline to capture a user's progress through a module.

Can I use the execute JavaScript trigger to pull out the SCORM runtime data?

What is your opinion?