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Hi guys,

I recently had to create a mobile friendly everyone of a module in Storyline 1.

(company is in process of upgrading to storyline 2.

I modified the pages, so content is legible and navigation is accessible.

There are two things I am trying to figure out:

1. Is there a way to display interface without the URL. I am opening it in a pop up and it is still not full screen.

2. the video player icon is very small on Android. SO it is hard for the user to select pause or play. Is there a way to make it appear larger?







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ophelie deroubaix

to change the size of the screen , simply go into your reader. Other options : browser size , choose " resize the browser to fit the screen " and then change the size of the player : " resizing the player to fill the browser window then check the option . " open the drive in + a new window allow the user to resize the browser.
I hope I have helped. Good day