Progress bar, animation settings

Nov 16, 2015


I've created a simple 6-step progress bar which consists of the following:

-one white rectangle, always shown

-6 green rectangles that fill the white space when shown - each one is hidden until the user passes one of the tests.

I had these 6 green pieces uncover with a 'wipe from bottom' animation to simulate an actual progress bar, and it's working great except each time I revisit the 'HOME' screen (the one that contains this whole group) the animation retriggers for all of the green rectangles that are shown. Hope this makes sense and that there is a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Erez Goren

Hey, found a workaround

I duplicated the six green rectangles and removed their animation. I then set those animationless duplicates ( group B) to appear once the next test was passed, meaning only the top (new) green rectangle (group A) will 'wipe' in, as if it's continuing the motion of the first one 

(Obviously group B is on top of group A)

Hope that's clear, and that it helps someone.

If not I apologize, but I understood and it works for my project, so I may try to help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erez,

Thanks for sharing an update on how you were able to work around it. Without seeing your file, I'm guessing that main slide is set to "reset to initial state" and therefore when you revisit it the slides timeline is starting again and all the entrance animations for your objects at the start of the timeline are refiring? Perhaps you could look at changing it to "resume saved state" and that way you'll be able to return to the slide and pick up where you left off. This is controlled within your slide properties as described here. 

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