Continues progress bar states

Hi Guys,

Need help :(

I've created a progress bar using states (normal, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%)

Is it possible to make it a continues progress bar and not jumping to normal state to the new state.

For example, if PB = 25, it shows a progress bar state of 25%. But if PB = 50, progress bar state resets from normal to 50% state. So the behavior of the progress bar is jumping from normal to 50%. Can this be in a continuous state like it will animate from 25% to 50%.

I have attached the raw file to make it clearer for you.

Thank you in advance for the help.


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Doug Cush

Hi Erwin,

The Wipe animation on each of the states made it look as if it was starting from 0% each time.

If you'd like to animate the progress bar, then one solution (see file attached) would be to make a new rectangle for each target percentage, e.g. PB25, PB50, etc.

Each of these rectangles have the Wipe animation and their initial state is set to Hidden. Now when you click the button, each of these rectangles will wipe from the last, e.g. 25% - 50%, instead of 0% - 50% - as the state of PB25 has already been triggered to Normal.

It's not a fancy solution and I'm not very good at explaining myself - but I hope this is of some use. I've attached the .story with a solution to this post.