Progress Bar for a Quiz that pulls randomly from a test bank

Hello All, 

I am creating a quiz of 25 questions. Those 25 questions are pulled from a test bank. Can anyone help with what I need to do to create a progress bar or number them in some way? I like how the number/progress is shown here. I can create the formatting, but how do I account for the question slides being pulled randomly and the numbering needing to change on each slide?

Thank you!


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Tracy Parish

Hey Leslie:

I made a quick video that shows you how you can count how many questions are being displayed from a quizbank in you published course. I made 2 different versions, one that is text based (you have 3 of 4 questions left) and one that is more visual based as the example above.

I'll also included the source files for you to play with:


I have a question for the Staff though:

This works in principle, however.... When I close the source files, reopen them and relook at the preview of the course the quiz questions revert back to the main slide layout. I go into the quizbank and some of the questions have the slidemaster applied and some do not. I have to reapply the slidemaster and then preview again to see this work.

So one way around this would be to create a layout just within the slide master set that already exists, but I don't think the error I'm seeing should be occuring. Thoughts?

Tracy Parish

Sure.  I reopen the file from yesterday.  Go directly to preview and the questions are in the "dark blue scheme".  

I then close the preview, open the question bank to look at the applied layouts, and the first slide in the question bank now has reverted from the pink layout I applied to the dark layout.

Leslie Fetzer

Hi Diane,

Here is the solution I ended up with:

  1. Create a variable "SlideNumber" with a value of 0
  2. Add a text box with %SlideNumber% in the upper right corner (or where ever you would like your count) on master quiz question slide
  3. Add a trigger to that master slide that says "add 1.00 to Slide Number when the timeline starts

Previously I had tabs that showed each question and they would be highlighted as you visited that question number; however, when you reentered the quiz for a second attempt, you started in at a random place in the quiz. After submitting a ticket to Articulate, they determined it was the number of triggers I had for my fancy progress measure, which is why I went back to the fix above.

Susan Smith

Thank you so much for your posts! I was trying to figure this out for a long time and this gave me a big break-through. The one thing I'm struggling with now is a way to ensure that the variable counts backwards correctly when you're reviewing the quiz. Currently, it keeps increasing, so you get "Question 7 of 6", "Question 8 of 6", etc.