Progress Bar in Master Slides doesn't function with interactive slides


I need some help with a multi course project I'm working on for a client.

I've added a progress bar on a layer on the slide master. It's triggered to show layer when timeline starts. I created a "ScreensVisitedCount" variable that I trigger to "Add Value 1" to if state of button is not equal to selected. I then divide another variable ""ScreensVisitedPercentage" by variable "ScreensInCourse" to determine percentage. The states of the progress bar adjust based on the percentage of course complete. It all functions perfectly! (See attachment for screenshot).

The problem comes in when I go to previous slide. It also "Adds value 1" to "ScreensVisitedCount". I know the solution is to make sure that all slides "Resume Saved State". However, this doesn't work on slides with high interactivity. Specifically, I have "Try It" slides that are triggered to show different layers when revisited depending on what a variable is set to. However, when I set those slides to "Resume Saved State" that somehow breaks the triggers. (See additional Attachments).

I've spent hours trying everything I can think of and I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I have an example of a progress bar using SL built-in variables I could share, however progress can be done in a few ways depending on preference.

1) So that once reached, i.e. 100%, then no matter where you go, it is 100% after that.

2) If you back up, progress is subtracted.  For example, a project with 3 slides, you get to slide 3 it is at 100%, but then backing up one slide to slide 2, it is at 67%,

How are you looking to have your progress set?

I have attached a simple progress bar, in case this helps.