Progress bar not working

Hi, all. I have worked through all the tutorials in here about progress bars (simple ones) and downloaded the examples but I can't get mine to work.

I have one progress bar on the opening course page that is triggered by clicking a button when a module is completed. There are 3 modules.

I've attached a PDF of my setup. Can someone help see what I am doing wrong?  I can't share my SA2 piece as this is a client's project with a NDA attached.

Thanks so much!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelly

I have updated your file - hope this helps.

Couple of comments:

Donebuttonx triggers defaulted to True instead of False so they weren't triggering correctly. 

Triggers set to when timeline starts on the 'progress bar' object instead of the slide.

Changed the trigger to use the donebutton variable instead of progress = 33, 66, 99