Progress bar on a mountain

Hi, I'm hoping one of you wonderful experienced people can point me in the right direction before I make something overly complicated :)

In the attachment, you can find a rough outline of the idea. During the course the participants get to answer questions and earn "kilometres", aside from a KM counter, I'd like to make it visual by moving a dot on the path to the top of the mountain. How would you tackle this?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bram,

You could make each dot on the path a separate line, with the Initial State set to Hidden. Then change the states to Normal as the user progresses along the path.

Another option would be to have one object for the path, with different states that build on the extra dots. For example, custom state 1 would have one dot, state 2 would have 2, etc. Then change the state of that object as the user progresses.