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Jerry Beaucaire

One idea is to tie the state of the progress bar to a variable, and you can adjust the variable at the start of each slide.

For example, on slide3 you could set the variable to 10 (to represent 10%).

If the next non-optional slide is slide 6, you might set the variable to 15.

So slides 4 and 5 could be optional content and for those slides, you would set the variable to 12 and 13.  Your progress bar being tied to this variable means it would show these optional values only if you visit these slides.

One benefit of controlling your progress bar this way is that you can weigh your slides.  For instance, one slide may have much more content and layers, perhaps 2-3 minutes of content.  While another slide is pretty short, only 30 seconds of content.  You could value the first slide to add 15 to your progress meter variable, while the second is only valued at 5. 

Make sense?