Progress bar with numeric variables


I'm creating a progress bar which combines states + numeric variables.

It was OK when I used the "Next button" of the player.

Then, I replaced it with a customised next button in the first sequence, and it doesn't work anymore. It still works in sequence 2.

If someone could look at the attached file : seq. 1 has the customised next button, and seq. 2 still uses the next button of the player. I set the variable and changes of states in the slide master and in the slides.

Many thanks in advance

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Till Then

Now first of all that's really clever use of the slide master!

I have added a variable manager to the slide master so you can see what the value of the progress counter is throughout. This can be hidden later.

 I also added titles to each slide so I can see where I am. (All the slides are the same so it is a little hard to see where I am when preview the course)

In Seq 1 you have trigger on the Picture which adds 10 the variable "ProgressCounter". So this increases 10 each time. But the Player Trigger for the next slide is still on the Next button. The variable increases by 10 but the learner does not advance to the next page. Is this correct ?
The Slide Master Triggers that change the state of the progress bar/ timeline are only actioned when the learner goes to a new slide. (At least with how your Slide Master is currently set.
"Change the state of Timeline Rectangle 1 to State "10" when Slide timeline of starts. There are conditions based upon the value of  the variable "ProgressCounter".
Check the triggers on your pictures and let me know if the above is correct !
Génia K

Hi Trav

Thanks for your answer. Now it works !

I post my progress bar updated file, if someone needs one.


- Display the bar increasing from slide to slide, See the slide master for the basis setup. In the slide master, you can add some states depending of the number of slides of your module. 

If you need the bar to decrease when the learner use Previous button, use "Adjust variable">operator "substract">value10> when user clicks previous button. Then, the progress bar will refresh when the user clicks previous.