Progress Not Tracked upon Resume

Hi All,

We are encountering a somewhat complicated problem. If you love a challenge this is the thread for you!

Background: This module was developed in STL2 and is our Corporate policy manual. It was assigned to 5500+ employees so having any issues is concerning.

I'm having issues trouble shooting this as it's only happening to about 10% of our users so far (that we've heard from) with the rest completing without any issues reported. I'd think if it was the LMS or course file causing these issues it would replicate the same issues to all users?

As you read our list below, please let me know if you know of any browser settings, plug-ins, etc. that might present these problems to some users but not all.

We can group our issues into these 3 categories:

1.    Progress not being tracked on the navigation menu screen (or the itemized menu in the player)

  •  Our “Navigation menu” screen has buttons that redirect users to various sections (scenes) to review our policy manual. The buttons are set to turn green when they have reached the last slide of that section.
  •  The user leaves the module (we assume they are closing the windows completely) and launch at a later date only to find that the module is placing them back at an earlier part of it. It is appearing to not track progress on the Navigation menu with those buttons OR the in-player, itemized menu.


2.       Resuming the course brings them back to a screen/scene that is not their last completed.

  •    A common section that users report being pushed back to is section 5. (I’ve also heard section 2 and 3 as well)
  •   Some users are reporting that ALL progress is lost (like they never did any of it) and others are reporting that partial progress is lost and they are resuming back to a section (like 5 noted above) that had been completed but is not their farthest completion point – Example: they completed sections 1-10 but are resuming at 5 loosing progress of sections 5-10.


3.   Final exit button not working

  • The user has completed the module and tries to use the Exit button on the final slide. Clicking the Exit button does not exit the course and the user is not marked complete.
  • I verified the trigger on this button to be “Close Course when User Clicks Button 1”- this is set correctly but not working.


Extra Info:

·         Users reporting issues have been using Internet Explorer and Chrome; both browsers present issues

·         Users reporting issues have been using a mix of laptops and desktops with varying brands; not sure we can pinpoint it to a device type

·         Fairly confident that users are keeping the blank screen open behind the module

·         It does seem that the users that do not experience issues are ones that do not have to stop the module and come back; they are completing it all the way through. I don’t think this could be true of everyone, though




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Amy Gibbs

It is published as 1.2. I was not aware of the vast differences in 1.2 and 2004 until now. Looks like I need to do some research for future publishing.


I'm planning to try to run the debugger tomorrow and see if I can get Cornerstone's support team to analyze the log for me.

If that is the issue, what is the usual course of action to correct this?


Amy Gibbs



I hope everyone can see this- I've never been this deep in a thread before!

I tried to open the Configuration.js file from the zip file that was published to our LMS so I could  start the LMS Debugging process and I got an error (see attached). Could this be the problem? It won't let me open it at all.