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Jun 27, 2014


I'm trying to build a training module on Storyline, in the form of an e-learning. And i have a summary screen with several tabs, each tabs allowing to go to each screen of the module by clicking on them.

Is it possible to set the access to the different screen of the formation according to the progression of the user. For exemple, if he made the first 3 screens of the formation, it will be impossible to click on the tab of the 5th screen. He has to make the 4th before.

Is it possible to implement it in Storyline ?

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Harri S

Hi Boris,

I think I understand what you're trying to achieve and yes it is possible.

What you'll need to do is set up true/false variables (one for each sections) and adjust them when the learner views the content. You'll also need to put a condition on your tabs that says 'jump to slide if var is equal to...'

I've set up a demo as I realise I'm not great at explaining these things 

Hope this helps

boris hudec

Hi Harri,

Ok I see what you mean. I tried with your example, but I also want that Storyline resume saved state. And it seems that with your example, when I see the first slide and after the second, when I tried to see the second one again, it told me to see the first one before.

So,  I want that the user be able to access to screens he already looked at. Do you see what I mean ?

Harri S

Hi Boris,

I'm not entirely sure I understand the issue you saw. It could have been that the pop up layer hadn't closed as it was set on 'when timeline ends' 

I've now changed it to have a close 'x' button and moved the position so you have to close the layer down before continuing.

Let me know if this is any better 

boris hudec

OK, i made a test with my module. But it doesn't work. Maybe it's the name of the variable I choose for the condition which is wrong.

In your presentation, i saw "Set Section1Complete equal to true". How do you choose "Section1Complete" because when I want to set the trigger with variable condition, i don't have this kind of variable in the drop-down list.

Harri S

Hi Boris,

You'll need to create the variables you want to use through the variable wizard.

To access the wizard click the X on the bottom right of the trigger panel.

Then click on the document button to create a new variable

You need to give the variable a name. The name cannot contain spaces so people often use Capital letters to distinguish between words.

Variable type: if all you need is a yes/no response i.e have they completed/clicked/viewed/answered or not, select true/false and set the default value to false.

Then click ok on the pop up and again on the wizard window

Your variable will then be ready to use 

I'm sure there used to be a tutorial on the forums for this but I can't seem to find it. So I've taken some screen shots to help with the explanation (powerpoint attached)

Hope this helps

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