Progressive Menu


I have created a progressive menu but it does not work the way I want it to.  I want the user to be able to jump around the course freely but only within the portions that they have covered so far. Please find attached the example. The menu is hidden as a dropdown and it appears when you click on "click" in the top-right. It seemed to work at first, but if you go back to previous slides, the menu indicates that the chapters you have covered so far have not been covered. It seems to me that the True/False variables I set up wear off after reverting to previous slides.  I would appreciate any advice/suggestions you could provide me!

One more thing...  I tried to set up the "click" tab of the menu so that when the user hovers over it, it changes to the hover state (yellow text). The ones on the base layers work.  But the ones on different layers don't work due to the fact that they are covered up with a Hotspot.  Is there any way I could still make the hover-over state work?  Thanks a lot!

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