"Project file could not save." not enough memory...

Sep 28, 2013

Yes, I've submitted a case for this.  But wanted to make others aware that this is still an issue.   My fear is that Articulate is going to move ahead with Storyline 2 without sending a patch for this very, very big issue with the current version. 

Trying to save 5 hours worth of work. Clicking save and getting the error message: "Project file could not save. Your system appears to be low on memory. Please close any other programs and try again."

All other programs are closed. I tried renaming and saving the project elsewhere about 10 different ways in 10 different places. The project file I've been working from is on the local c:/ hard-drive. Have saved this project fine last three days until today. I didn't put anything in the project today that was different that what I had been putting in the file earlier this week.

I ran Ccleaner. I ran a registry cleaner. I ran disk cleanup. I closed any other open programs. I stopped all unnecessary processes.

I'm working from Storyline update 3. My system is a Windows 7 with service pack 1. Intel core processor i5-2540M CPU@2.60GHz. 32-bit operating system. 2.98GB of usable RAM.   The c:/ drive has 87 GB of free space. 

And, yes, I've read all the other posts about this.  Starting the work over  that I've done today (which some seem to say is the only option) is NOT an option.  (see my last post if you're curious)

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Kevin Hart

I ended up closing the file and shutting down the computer.  When it rebooted, I opened up the file, did a "save as" a new file in a new location, then began working from that file.  I had done the "Save as" many times while I was trying to save the work, so there were a lot of copies on the disk.  So I deleted all of them except the one I'm working on, which has not had any issues saving.  

So there's no course to upload because where it is now is VERY different from where it was Saturday.  

As for the course logo,  I don't use any of the player features.  I effectively build my own player within the course since the features in the built-in player are not as customizable as I'd like.   So there was no logo in the player that could have caused this issue. 

Kevin Hart

Hello again.  I thought I would update you all as to how we seemed to have resolved this issue.  I will start by saying that because of my tight deadline with the above mentioned project and subsequent projects, I didn't have time to fix this until this month.  I will also tell you that this problem was constant and ongoing.  I tried every trick mentioned in these forums to get around this problem.  Nothing worked.   

To save myself some grief during the projects I had a timer set to remind me to save every 20 minutes.  If I did more than 20 minutes of work I would get the "memory too low/ can't save" error.   

When the error did arise, I would open up the last saved version of the course and then copy and paste the slides I'd been working on.  You have to go in and restore links, but besides that, copy/paste was the most valuable timesaver when this error would arise.  

The solution: wipe out the computer.  

I was running Windows 7 32bit with 4gb of ram.    IT upgraded my system to Windows 7 64bit with 8gb of ram.  I've had no issues since.  

Here's a fair warning that Storyline most likely won't give:  if you're working on a graphics-heavy project, a 32bit system with 4gb of ram won't cut it.  Storyline eats up a LOT of ram.  If you've only got 4 gb installed, that won't be enough to cover what storyline and your computer need. 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kevin,

So sorry to see all the trouble you've had and the work you've had to put into this. 

I am happy to hear that upgrading the system seems to have helped with the issues, however. 

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to update the thread and share your solution with others. 


Bill Harnage

This isn't as much a Storyline problem as it is a software vendor problem in general - minimum requirements.

They need to drop this "minimal" and switch to "realistic" requirements.  Articulate lists 512mb ram, 1ghz processor for Storyline.  Seriously???

That's just asking for trouble and headaches tech support doesn't need.

Realistic would be Win x64 with 8gb ram as you mention.  All software vendors are guilty of this.

Gopinath G

HI Everyone.

I faced the same issue in my project.

There is 2 scenes in a single storyline file. 

1st scene I used for reference to develop the module.

So, I delete the 1st scene and try to save the project.

And it works very well.



Before deleting the 1st scene my storyline file size is 350Mb. Currently it is 52Mb.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gopi,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that info here. What update/version of Storyline are you using? You'll want to make sure you're on the latest update and you can find the link to download Storyline 2 Update 7 here.  If your file sizes are larger than expected I'd also recommend looking at elements such as slide masters, screen recordings, or slides in other scenes that aren't in use and deleting those. Once you've deleted them I'd do a save as, and close Storyline - and when you go to reopen it you should see the change in the file size. The elements are initially kept in the file when deleted in the event that you want to use the "undo" button - so saving and closing are key. 

Please let us know if you need anything else. 

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