Project has issues with formatting: text box placement, text size

Sep 26, 2014

A co-worker imported a PowerPoint courseinto Storyline, then formatted it to fix a custom template. When he adn other co-workers view it ontheir computer it looks fine. When I view it on my computer, the text boxesoverlap, text is sized differently in text boxes and titles.It's a mess.

I should note, that when I first viewed the import, I commented on several similar issues, which the co-worker fixed (eg, text upside down in one heading). But now there's a new set of errors, which only I seem to see.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your ideas!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Paula,

I know you said they fixed some issues, but JUST in case and because you said it looks fine on their computers, but not on yours, I wondered if you might want to check out DPI setting and see if that's the issue on your side.

If that's not it, perhaps you could upload the file here, or a part of it, so the community could take a look.

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