Project in Korean Will Not Preview or Publish

May 09, 2016

I am working with a number of foreign clients and have converted my module into Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish.  When I updated the module with Korean script it does not preview or publish.

To troubleshoot the issue, I tried rebuilding the module scene by scene.  After that effort failed.  I tried to rebuild slide by slide.  The introductory scene works well, but scenes after that neither preview nor publish.

As a final option, I am deciding to bring the slide content over as images.  I prefer to not take this course.  Can you please advise?

I also posted this question on an older "Not Previewing or Publishing" post but decided creating an new post may be a better route toward resolution.

My module is attached.

Thank You



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Scott Muth

I installed update 8 as well and still had trouble publishing. However, as I was playing with recreating the project with images, the problem reoccurred.

I noticed that some of my slide names were using Korean script. I changed the slide names to English, saved the file and was able to publish.

Thank you for the quick response.

Scott A Muth

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