Project invalid or corrupt and cannot be opened error message

Jun 27, 2018

I am receiving this message every time I try to open the file via double clicking on the file.  It just started today 6/27/18. 

I am able to open the same file if I first open Storyline and then select the file from the left pane where the most recent files have been used or open via browse.

Why is this happening?  I am concerned that in the near future I may not be able to open the files using the other methods.




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Susi B

Hi Vicki,

is this happening only with one file or with any file? Did you try to save it under an other name? Are you working locally or on a network? Is you folder path maybe too long?

If you are workig in a network try to save and open it locally for excample on your nesktop. This way you can check if it´s caused by your network environment.

You could also try to open a new storyline project and import your slide into this new file and save it. This helps sometimes with corrupt files too.

If all of this doesn´t help you could always contact the support directly and they can take a look into your file.



Molly Gustafson

I am experiencing a similar issue, but my files won't open at all. They are completely blank. I am new to Storyline 360, so maybe it is user error, but I would really like to not have to recreate these files! I have attached screen shots of what I am experiencing.

Thanks for the help. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Abby and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Looks like your files may have been moved since you last used them? 

Can you locate your file on your local drive and open directly? Or click 'Browse for More' at the bottom of that list to navigate.

I did want to mention, based on that image, that we do recommend working with your software, project files, and assets on your local drive to prevent any file corruption.

Hope that helps :)

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