Project is not reporting as completed, not starting on right slide when uploaded to TalentLMS

I'm a novice here and completed and uploaded my first project to TalentLMS in xAPI format. I have two problems.

1. The project is starting on slide 1.3 instead of 1.1 when played in TalentLMS. 

2. When it gets to the results page at the end I have a trigger included that says "Complete Course as Completed/Passed When Timeline starts on this slide". However, it doesn't seem to be reporting as completed back to TalentLMS. 

How can I fix these issues? Story file is attached.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out and providing your file! 

I reviewed your course and uploaded it to SCORM cloud for additional testing. Here is what I found: 

  1. The reason why the project was starting on Slide 1.3, is due to the Player Menu order:

    In Storyline, if you navigate to the Player Tab >> The Player Properties menu will appear >> then you can click on Menu to rearrange the slides.
  2. After completing the course in SCORM Cloud, I did receive a Completion status and a Passing status as well: 

    Since you have a complete course trigger in your course, you may want to try adjusting the Tracking option from "Track using Quiz Results Slide" to "Track using complete course trigger" to see if you achieve the results you are looking for: 

Each LMS can interpret completion and success statuses differently, so your LMS provider may be best equipped to help if you don’t see the statuses you expect.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! We are happy to help!