Project linking to a project

I was hoping someone might be able to help.

I have a storyline project that is 460MB when saved, but when opened, it takes up most or all of the memory. It crashes, will not save, most of the time opens a Blank project, or corrupts one or two slides. Bottom line it is too big to work as a 32 bit project.

The project runs off of a navigation page (the entire thing is custom) that all scenes are linked to or from.

What I would like to do is publish the navigation and each scene by its self and link the scenes through the navigation page. I can’t seem to do this? The URL link to the story.html file will act like it is opening but nothing shows (it is add to trusted sites).

I’ve used some creative thinking and changed the story.html to index.html and inserted it as a web object. This works as long as the navigation paged is opened using the HTML5.story file, but the new web browser will not allow for the page to be resized. (This is important to the customer).

I have spent many hours on this project to throw it out do to size.

I cannot share the project do to sensitivity and clearance, but to give you an idea, 1 scene on average consist of 65-100 slides with a minimum of 3 layers ea., 9-15 triggers per slide, 10 or more states on 50% of slides, 20 or more objects per slide, text, and or video clips from 3sec to 2min. The total project is 12 courses (scenes) and a navigation scene.  

Adding the lowest all is roughly 780 + slides / 2340 + layers / 7020 triggers / 1950 states / 3900 objects

Not including text and video (maybe I went overboard creating this but there is still 2 more courses to be added.)

I know the program will handle a lot (I built a 5 min movie for a demo on it) it just is not doing well with this project.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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