Project sending CC text to the database

Jan 04, 2014

I have created a project with closed captioning which was done through the example of Steve Flower;s post

When I publish the file to LMS (Scorm 3rd Edition) and set parameters to Completed/Incomplete, all of the closed captioning text is sent to the database, which is something I do not want. Is there some setting for this to not happen? or some code?



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Oscar S

Hi Ashley,

Sorry about the ambiguity. But yes, the CC text is being sent to the LMS. For example here is the value of one of the package data records I looked at:

2F344050ji1001111a0101101111~26311~2L2The facility type you apply for depends on the needs of the clients and residents you choose to serve^7 your plan of operation^7 and the services you^1apos;re able to provide.10101010101000000040000 

What is in bold is the CC text from the project.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

Oscar S

My LMS team asked me to pose this question:

The Articulate-generated presentation is submitting a large amount of data into permanent storage, including our closed captioning entries (the closed captioning entries were created using Steve Flowers method see:

The data is not displayed to users, however, both the amount of data saved (closed captioning entries) and the frequency of submission of the non-human readable data are unnecessary in our application. Is the frequency and content of the returned data necessary to the functioning of the presentation? Is there any way to control how the presentation returns that information? The LMS could just ignore the data, but it seems the presentation would run more efficiently without the additional overhead.

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