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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jane!

Thanks so much for including that Review link. I'm seeing the same thing you described -- the background music plays fine in Internet Explorer but does not play in Chrome.

Can you tell me more about how you added the background music to this file? I'm curious because when I press the Pause button in the player, everything pauses except the background music. 


Jane Jordan

Hi Alyssa

Yes is quite a popular request on the forum to add b ground music and I have put some suggestions for the design team to think about in future (see in bold below)

At the moment to add background music to your project:

1 Put mp3 and index html in folder on your local drive

2 Insert a web object in your project and navigate to where you just put your music file

3 Insert java script on first slide ( I can forward to you if you want). insert the name of the song you want it to play - same name as the one in the folder you created

4 Publish the project - view content, web object and copy the 6AnJiLifx or whatever the numbers are on your project

5 Create text variable - call it location and paste story_content/WebObjects/6AnJiLifx/ to your variable

This is quite a complex way of having audio and background music across a series of slides.

Suggestions for future

1. This only works when you publish to file format - it doesn't work when you publish to video - would like to see that feature in future if you can pass it on!! 

2. Also can you put it to the design team - would it be possible to have background music across the whole project and have audio on each slide and the ability to control both - as you can see it only controls the stop button

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