Project won't move on to next scene

I am running storyline version 11 because of the issues with 12, i was told by support they will notify me when i can update.  now when i run my project it won't go from scene 2 to scene 3 and i don't know why.  i have attached the current project.


Thanks for any help! so appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jason

I just added a menu to your project so I could quickly access the slides. I also added a red circle to slide 3.1 layer 4 so I could make sure it was displaying.  Here is a quick peek video going from slide 2.22 to 2.23 to 3.1 with the updated trigger jump to slide 3.1.

Edit: I'm using SL360 latest version update 12.14647.0

Perhaps let support know what is happening...

Wendy Farmer

Sorry I didn't have the patience to go through the whole thing which is why I added the menu and just did the few slides before.

Doesn't make sense - let's take another look. Do you need the built in correct and incorrect layers on that slide?

Just as a test, on slide 2.23 correct layer - change the trigger from jump to next slide to jump to slide 3.1 and then test going through the module (not using the menu) and see how you go.