Prompt on base layer doesn't appear on top in layers

I have an eLearning where they can't go to the next slide until they've viewed all the layers.  I have set a condition to disable the next button until all items are in a "selected" state; however there is also a prompt that pops up that says "please view all items before continuing".  This prompt appears on top in the base layer, but I can't get it on top in the other layers - it's hidden behind things.  Any suggestions?  I can't include the file due to the content, but attached is the screenshot of the trigger.  thanks!


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Walt Hamilton

Think of layers as transparencies that lay on top of the base and each other. Anything that is on the last layer to be shown is on the top of and hides everything else.

Some ways to see the object: 1. put it on each layer.  2. Hide all the layers when you want to show it. 3. When I want to show something like that, I put it on a layer with a 2 or 3 second timeline that hides the layer when its timeline ends, and that doesn't hide other layers. When I show it, the message shows, then disappears (slowly, if you put an exit fade on it.)