Prompt to Resume and Submit button issue

Hi there,

We have been having an issue with the prompt to resume box. The box shows up when a user returns to a course but the "yes" "no" buttons are not visible. We figured out that this was happening because the window was not fully maximized on the desktop screen. When fully maximized the buttons would then show up but would still be cut off halfway. This has been tested on Scorm Cloud as well as a Saba platform.

A similar issue happens with the Submit button on a question. If a user maybe presses the submit button by mistake before making an answer selection the prompt box will pop up stating the user has to make a selection first but the "ok" button is not visible. Maximizing the screen then shows the button.

I do realize that we could just maximize the screen but there are going to be hundreds of users accessing these builds when they go live and we cant hope that they will just be viewing the builds with their screens maximized.

Please let me know if there is some sort of fix for this.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Royston,

Can you share what options you have selected under the Player Size? You can view this by going to the Home tab, selecting Player, and clicking on Other settings. 

If you choose the option to Lock player at optimal size, I wonder if that will help keep the resume window in full view as opposed to going off-screen.

You may also want to try testing in a different browser to see if that has an effect. If you'd like someone to work with you one-on-one to dig deeper, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Royston Fredericks

Hi Ren,

Thanks so much for the response. We set our Player sizes to scale to fill browser window but im going to try lock player at optimal to see if it works.

We tested in both Chrome and IE and the same issue was occuring.

Will respond and see if the lock player solves it

Thanks again,


alan saunders

We just also had a client point out this issue today and it's really causing an unneeded headache.

Locking the player to an optimal size does force the resume buttons to display correctly, however, we do still need the player to fill the browser window (as we don't want someone viewing the course in HD to see a small course, while someone viewing in a lower resolution might need to use a scroll bar just to be able to see a  part of the course that is now offscreen). 

Ren Gomez

Hi Danielle and Alan,

Thanks for reaching out as well with what you're experiencing! In further testing, we found a bug where:

The Prompt to Resume and Invalid Answer buttons are hidden when the browser is resized, making it smaller in the Classic Player.

I'm sorry if this is slowing you down; we're working through this, and I'll pop back in here to let you know as soon as I have an update to share.

Royston Fredericks

Hi All,

Tried the lock player at optimal size but have the same issues that Alan describes in his message above.

To try and completely get around this we tried using the Auto Resume function instead so that the prompt box would not pop up at all. This worked for a bit but then started getting issues whereby it looks as if a prompt box to resume pops up but it would have a snippet of the actual screen in it, please see screenshot. The learner could not move from this screen then.

Resume Prompt Box

I have spent the majority of this year trying to get around these types of issues that are in the back end, its caused missed deadlines and late hours of working and unhappy clients and with the client going live now on the majority of the builds that were done this year I foresee that there are going to be quite a bit more errors like this popping up now into the end of the year.

Please let me know if there has been any update again on this.