Promt to resume not working in IE11


a few days  ago, we discovered an issue with the query whether the user wants to continue where he left off. 

We are using Storyline 3 and have made all the settings in the player correctly (Player setting: On restart - Promt to resume). 

When exporting the course as a CD, the .exe automatically uses Internet Explorer 11 as a browser. In IE11 you are not asked if you want to continue where you left off, but need start from the beginning on.

Exported as a LMS version and tested in Chrome, the query works and the user is asked if he wants to continue where he left off.  

Does anyone have the same problem and knows a solution? Could it have something to do with an IE update?





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Brian Allen

Hi Laura,

I believe all you would need to do is switch the default browser to Chrome and the .exe should open automatically in Chrome.

This sounds like a local playback issue. Prompt to resume (without a LMS) requires the course to store a cookie, and my guess is when you're playing back this content locally that cookie is being blocked.

It's possible that you can adjust a security setting in IE to allow this for local playback, but it would only resolve the issue on that one computer. I'm sure this is a default security setting in IE.

Laura Schueler

Hi Brian, 

thank you for your reply! 

Switching the default browser to Chrome is unfortunately not possible in this particular case. The setup of our CDs is programmed in such a way that the .exe is compulsorily executed in IE as soon as the user starts the CD. This should allow anyone to open the CD-course, as some companies don´t allow a different browser than the default browser IE. 

Your response regarding the cookies sounds logical, but I still wonder why it worked before and does not work anymore now. On the computers of my colleagues, the query does not work either. None of us changed their browser/cookie/security settings within the last week. 

Best regards,