Proof Reading Course in Storyline?


I have an interesting request from a client.  They have a classroom session which they would like to turn into e-learning.  In the classroom exercise, they ask their trainees to proof read some documents and mark up the problems/changes.  They want to have this exercise in e-learning.

So, how would you approach this?  The best I can think of is to have an image of the Word document(s) on screen and get the user to use hotspots to mark where they think the errors are; but then there's no way of indicating what the changes should be, right?

So, any other super clever tricks to getting this part of the course to work well in e-learning format?  How would you approach this?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ryan. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes,

The idea I had for this uses states for the misspelled words in the documents. If you can recreate the document appearance and text in the slide, you could make separate text boxes with states that appear as if they are a part of the document. You can add hover states to them, selected states, etc. 

I put together a very quick example, if you'd like to check it out. I'll attach it to the thread.

Another option would be to use a screenshot or image of the original document. You could also place objects with states over the words from the original document. Not only would this save you some time, it would give a more authentic appearance when compared to the original document.

I'd love to see some additional suggestions and examples for this, too!