Protecting Storyline Content on Wordpress site - Using amazon S3?

Oct 05, 2012

A quick note/question on protecting content produced in Storyline ...

We are building a site on Wordpress with a members area where we will be protecting content using a plugin called Yourmembers.

We want to produce content in Storyline and have this delivered to our members only but also ensure that they do not have access to the source URL to share with friends etc.

I have read about some potential options for this but wanted to check with the Storyline team on this before going ahead and developing the modules.

Option for content protection:

Storing the content on Amazon S3 and using the amazon protected content option (we will publish in html5 as this will give the widest range of access to users)

Using a Lightbox plugin within Wordpress that calls to Amazon via it's API for a link to the module

We would protect the entire page using the membership plugin so that it is only available to registered members.

Due to the Amazon S3 protocol then there is no permanent link to the content to be shared.

A plugin that seems to do this is:

My questions are as follows:

- Will the Storyline file work in this manner by being protected content on Amazon S3?

- Will the lightbox plugin mentioned above support Storyline content in html5?

- Are there any other Lightbox plugins out there for Wordpress that will offer this protection?

- Are there any other suggestions for protecting the content  from non-paying subscribers?

I have seen 2 other lightbox plugins recommended for use with Storyline and Amazon S3 but they do not mention using the protected content and API call to gain access to the storyline file on Amazon S3.

I am currently talking to the developers of the Yourmembersmembership plugin about any other ways they see to protect the content using their plugin so will update.

Any help greatly appreciated - I will also post this elsewhere on the forum ...

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federico arnavas

Hi Rob S

I sharethe same concern about protecting contents in storyline.

I have been checking DRM  solution suchas:


But thecustomer has to download and use this company flash securityt player and alsoit does not work on apple platform (iOs) which means that it would not run onan Ipad.

Same problem as above


I haveseen this on Amazon-web services and it looks like it works as well on Windowsor iOs but I do no really know where to start.

Amazon S3looks interesting, but there are so many pages of information that it is hardfor me to know where to start.
How do I start?
Any idea if there is a free trial?

Let see ifsomebody has any information on this topic

Rob S

I do not know abou the services you have mentioend above Federico but they would not serve my purposes for the reasons you have stated.

Amazon S3 or Cloudfront is essentially able to store the storyline file (I have seen other storyline files stored on here) but I want to know from the Storyline guys is whether using Amazon's protection will work.

Amazon can protect access to the file by producing a unique URL to the content that expires so that only people clicking that unique link will get access to the file.

This stops people sharing the link and means only members clicking through our site will be able to access it ..

My other question on this - as I am not a techy person myself so bear with me -

Do the Storyline files play via their own player or can theyt be played using a Wordpress plugin such as JW PLayer?

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