Protecting the offline downloaded storyline files


Was wondering where does the offline downloaded files in mobile devices stored?

My concern is I allow learner to download the course and can view offline but worry about the learner would copy the downloaded files and distribute to others.

Is there a way to prevent user from distributing/share the downloaded files to third party?Or is this there a way to password protect and prevent 3rd party encrypt to the files.

My main concern is piracy distribution of my files.

Thanks and regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emalyn,

It'll be stored in the mobile player - so if the user was able to share the link to the course with someone else, that would be the only way. Typically hosting in an LMS that is secure would prevent others from accessing the course or downloading it, but there isn't any options within Storyline to prevent this or "lock down" a course and make it secure. 

I've seen a few other users discussing similar issues previously, and the common consensus is, there is nothing that stops someone from taking a picture, screenshot, etc. of your course - so do everything you can in terms of trademark/copyright, etc. but there are no guarantees...? Probably not what you're looking for - so I hope some of our other community members chime in here as well.