Protential bug in the latest April 6, 2021 (Build 3.50.24832.0) update

FYI. I have tested and providing my peer the link to review my course on Review 360 for a week now. My audio work on every slide. But when I updated to April 6, 2021 (Build 3.50.24832.0). The audio on my first slide would not play in Review 360 or in our company LMS. I decided to roll back to February 23, 2021 3.49.24347.0 and the audio played.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ted!

I've checked to see if we have this logged as a regression in Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0), and it doesn't look like we've seen similar issues reported. I understand that you can't share your course, but I'd love it if our Support Engineers could step in to understand what is in the way of the audio from playing on the first slide in Review 360 and the LMS you're using. 

I'll make sure to follow along to see where the culprit is!

Ted Nguyen


I figured it out. My audio usually compressed at 44100 Hz, Mono Channels with 24 bit depth wave. I used a new voice artist and the wave files were 4800 Hz, Stereo 32 bit depth. It might a little too high for Review 360 and my LMS to decompress in-order to play on the first slide. I have changed them out.