Providing feedback for drag and drop several slides later ... Storyline 2

I am wondering how to approach this. I am modifying someone else's course. They created a drag and drop activity that is done early in the course.  A few slides later, after they have learned correct content, I would like to present them with the answers they gave in the first drag and drop activity so they can see their shift in learning. Any suggestions.  I guess I am looking for a way to do an engaging pre and then presenting them with that later when they have done a post test.  This is what you said earlier!! Look what you have learned ...

Can you jump back (custom button) to the original slide after you have done the post-test? Can you use variables? 

Suggestions welcome! thanks in advance.


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Glenn Jones

Hi Liz

Are you wanting to show them the drag and drop as they left it?  I suppose you could trigger that slide as a lightbox, but you'd need to think of a way to stop them from interacting with the lightbox slide I guess....first thought would be to put a rectangle on top of everything, 100% transparency and set to hidden.  When you trigger the lightbox, you could set the state of the rectangle to change to normal - you'd not see anything, but the user wouldn't be able to click on the content of the lightbox slide.

Your jump back button is a definite possibility.  In the properties panel of the drag and drop slide you'd need to set the "on revisit" characteristic to "saved state" - that way it'll be exactly as it was.  As for your button, you'd just need to trigger it to point back to that specific slide.

Personally, I'd go with the lightbox option...but I don't know what you'll be doing with it after revisiting the slide.

Susi B

Hey Liz,

maybe you want to achieve something like in the attached video? An other community member asked a similar question here. I only build a SL3 version of it, but it´s really not that hard  to build. If that´s what you want to achieve, I can give you a step by step guide or build these slides in SL2 again.