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Dec 19, 2012

Is ther any way you can improve the sharpnes of text when published.

I think, when it is possible to improve sounds, pictures and videos - ther might be a possibility to improve the sharpness as well?

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Per Norsten

The font I use is ARIAL, but it athough shows if I use Articulate.

 To have the course to show correctly on a 1024*768 we needed to design 640*480 - but that seems not to have any effect on the unsharp text.

Hope that the screenshots here shows you what I mean?

Teh first screenshot shows the presented text - unsharp egdes.

The next screenshot shows the text written in storyline - sharp egdes.

br Per

Per Norsten

Miker Ang did Reply to this. Don't know if I shall reply here or at his e-mail, so I will do both, while Gary Wlls is having the same issue.

Mike send med som screenshots. They seem to be ok, but try to zoom them. The texts are really unsharp.

As long as large font sizes are used, it means nothing, but when a learner zooms the slides to fit on his screen resolution - up or down - et becomes really visible, and text can become unreadable.

Now following our efforts to ensure the learner to have a good quality on whatever screen resolution he runs, we work with automatic resizing - up and down. Here all of our quality variables are set to maximum - and it works fine. Just not the text - which becomes very unsharp.

As I see it, ther should be a way to improve the quality of text as well as improving the quality of video, audio and images.

Per Norsten

No I did not get any solution to improme text sharpnes, but it is still a problem!!!

The problem was escalated to the tier 3 support team. Justin Greiner was on the case, and he returned information, that for me indicated no willingnes to understand or solve the problem.

We absolutely still have the problem, and as you can see of the support case, others has too.

Still I had to prioritize my time, and did not feel to have the power to start the discussion all over from start.

I fully understand what Justin Greiner told me, but it must be quite an other issue, while it is still a problem for us.

I just finished another project, and will have time to discuss the problem now.

BR Per

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Per.

I'm really sorry I came across as not willing to understand or solve the problem.  To reiterate, here is the screencast of my findings that I shared with you in early January:

Here is the corresponding .story file, here is the corresponding published Flash Output, and here is the corresponding published HTML5 output.

Here is an article on the limitations of HTML5, and this is how I chose my Story Size within the screencast.  Lastly, here is an article on changing the Browser Settings and Player Size.

When I didn't hear back from you, I assumed that you had figured things out, but as I said in the screencast above, if you are able to reproduce the problem outside of these specific circumstances, we'd be more than happy to take another look.

We can take another look publicly within this Forum Thread, or you can respond to my 1/8 email and we can work through it that way--whatever works best for you.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

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