Publish a new version of course on Review 360 is not working

Hi, I am using Articulate Storyline 360, and it seems that I cannot publish anything onto the Review 360 at the moment. 

The progress bar of Uploading Course is not moving at all. 

I have restarted Articulate Storyline and my computer, but no luck. I am not sure if it is something to do Review 360? Does anyone else have the same problem? Thank you.

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Anya Dai

Thank you Wendy! Sorry but it is not working again. Looks like publishing to any other format is good but onto Review 360. I cleaned my cache every time (which is never an issue before), but still the uploading progress bar did not move at all. I checked the status of Review 360 and it is working fine, so I am really confused what could be causing this. Do you have any idea? Thank you!